Its Christmas!

Hello you lovely lot!

So I have finally decided its now Christmas! In the area near where we live is a village which always adds a tree right near the church, about a week before Christmas and that always makes it feel like yes its now Christmas. Today I saw that tree and it really does feel like Christmas. It's funny how one thing can make you feel in a very christmassy mood. What is the one thing that you love about Christmas? What makes it feel like Christmas to you? Do you have any traditions or yearly rituals that you always need to do to make it Christmas?

On Christmas morning we wake up and I get a cup of tea and the girls open their stocking gifts from Father Christmas on my bed. After that we get up and dressed and have breakfast and they open one present from under the tree. We then get ready to go and see my nan and uncles and aunts and open presents there. We then come home and have Christmas dinner and once we have settled all together we open presents from each other under the tree. I like to break the day out like that so I actually see the girls on Christmas Day and they are a bit sociable!

A few years back I fell on hard times and couldn't even afford to feed my girls properly and needed to use a food bank, so I always put something in the food bank basket each week and give to those struggling like I was back then. Please remember at Christmas its a time for giving more than ever as it takes nothing to give a little bit of kindness. To see someone so grateful for that small act of kindness is magic in itself!

Anyway I will wish you a very happy Christmas and a very prosperous new year!

Stay Curvy

Love you all loads.

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