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Hi guys I hope you have all been well!

So here it is, the countdown to Christmas and all the normal magical festivities that this time of year. This time last year I had only just started my journey as an aspiring plus size model and I think I can definitely say I am now a plus size model. I may not have been asked to model for big companies but I have done a catwalk for a plus size company. The experiences I have done this year has made me proud of what I have over come and last Christmas I made deal with myself that if I was still going I would make a calendar and well guys, I did it!! I made a calendar, and not just any calendar, a lingerie calendar!

Now I know what you're thinking why on earth would someone like me do that! well you know what? why the hell not! I am a confident proud woman and I love my calendar and what I have worked hard towards. I have 10 available at a special price which is £20 including postage a personal note from me and I will also sign them. Get them while you can guys because I already have 5 that have owners so if you want a limited edition calendar then you have to be quick!

Now I will be off to work more on building my empire and growing more in the new year, getting bigger and better. The only way is up!!

Stay Curvy

Bye guys

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