Welcome everyone!

Hello everyone, welcome to my brand new blog. From here I will be covering lots of different subjects which cover lifestyle, fashion, relationships and every day life! Hopefully you will enjoy this and comment lots and make this a big success and a place where people can come and relate to me being an every day plus sized woman!

My name is Catherine, I am 36 and a mum of 3 girls. I am a plus size model and have been in a music video and have done a catwalk for a plus size clothing company launch. I had so much fun while doing these projects and it made me hungry for more. I have done so many photo shoots and my favourite kind of shoots to do are lingerie shoots. If you would like to collaborate with me on something please contact me through the message section on here and I will be happy to answer your enquiry.

A subject close to my heart is mental health. I will be doing plenty of blogs to include this subject and one of my first ones will be my experience of PTSD which I got diagnosed 6 years after having my youngest daughter. As a part of my therapy for it I have had to go over some pretty hard events that has happened to me and will go more into detail when I cover this. I am glad I am stronger now but I still have so many 'bad' days still its still so painful.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you all follow my journey into becoming a better and more publicised model.

Stay Curvy and I love you all loads

Bye guys


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